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Water is not just a necessity; it is something that goes beyond a need; in general, without water, life would be impossible on earth. You could survive a week without food but you only have three days without water. If we are tackling water’s effect and benefits to humans, there would be a lot to talk about.

Water intake is essential for every human being; it aids the body for proper circulation. When you are hydrated, it is easier for you to digest food intakes, absorb nutrients, and no liquids could transport waste materials safely other than water. It regulates the oxygen flow in our body, producing energy and burn fats; it also acts as the body’s cooling system. There are a lot of benefits we could get from drinking clean water regularly, failing to do so can cause harm to our health; fatigue, headaches, dizziness, weakness, and dehydration are just some of the harm we could encounter.

Despite the importance of clean water, there are uncontrolled events that occur resulting from nature’s wrath or man-made destructions;  Water sources become contaminated and unreliable that may result in illness when drank.

Knowing all the risks unsafe waters could bring, people are becoming sensitive and cautioned of the water they’re getting into their bodies. They are finding measures to ensure that their body gets the nutrients despite the cleaning methods their water passes through. There are tons of ways people are turning into, one of the common ways to do so is through demineralize water; but is this really the answer to every home’s water problem?


Demineralizing Your Water

Demineralized Water is processed water where all its minerals and salt ions are removed; magnesium, calcium, sulfate, nitrate, sodium, and bicarbonate are just some of the compounds dissolved in the process. The process is done through different methods it could be by distillation, membrane filtration, deionization, electrodialysis, and other technology that removes compounds on water.

This method is often chosen by those who thought that this process will produce water that is safe for consumption without knowing that demineralized water is actually not safe for drinking. During the process, storage tanks or pipes could contaminate the water with metals and other unwanted sediments from plumbing materials; thus, water produced is highly aggressive. Due to lack of minerals, the taste is blunt and it has poor thirst-quenching characteristic.


Benefits of Minerals in Water

Minerals are like batteries for our body, they supply us with our needed strength to surpass our daily chores. Since we are only given 4% of minerals that naturally exist in our body, we need to intake it from our surroundings and our foods.

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Patrons of demineralized water are unaware of the risks they are bringing to themselves, instead of making way to a healthier lifestyle; they are actually taking away important compounds that their body needed.  Some of the risks they could encounter are; increased secretion of cortisol, swollen vascular endothelium limiting blood flow, increased body water volume, neurodegenerative diseases, and even some types of cancer.

It is important for one to know how important minerals are in our bodies, as mentioned above, during demineralization, minerals are stripped off on the water; some of the diminished minerals are actually essential in having a healthy body.

So, how important are minerals in our body? If you want to live healthy and longer, then it is crucial. All cells require enzymes to work and function, without minerals enzymes won’t work at all. Minerals also maintain PH balance that our body needed, it also facilitates the transfer of nutrients across all our cell membranes.  It also provides functional and structural support for the body, helps relax and contract muscles, and aids in regulating our body tissue’s growth.

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Is Demineralized Water Really Safe for Drinking?

Knowing how it is processed and the importance of the compounds being stripped off on the process; demineralized water is not actually advisable for consumption. Demineralized water is often used on laboratory testing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, cosmetics, automotive uses (lead-acid batteries and cooling systems), aquariums, and fire extinguishers.

To contradict to some belief, despite cleaning the water it made the produced liquid not potable for human consumption since all the important matters that makes it drinkable are gone.

So What Would Help Homeowners Solve Their Water Problem?

Since it is already known that the present water we have is already contaminated, it is important to invest in a method or technology that would solve your water problem. Most of the concerned people use demineralization of water which is actually unsafe for drinking. Though it would clear it from bacteria or molds, it also diminishes important minerals needed by our body.

Though it may cost you some amount of money, having water filters at home is still the best choice. Though your water supplier promises to provide you with clean waters, it may be contaminated while traveling from the supplier up to your home.