We’ve moved a lot of people through out the UK. This is just a small list of some of the coolest houses we’ve ever come across whether it be in person or via the internet.

People can live virtually anywhere on the face of the Earth. However, not everyone would think to build a house that looks like a mushroom or one that’s so thin, you can barely lie down across the living room, others are content with their cozy house located in a bland suburban neighborhood. But for the owners and designers of these homes, being unique is more than anything.

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Let’s get started and have a tour of 15 of the coolest houses on Earth.

  1. The Upside-Down House

Located at Szymbark, Poland; the upside down house was built as a statement about the communist era and the end of the world. The house took 114 days to build as the workers are disoriented by the wall’s angles. It is one of the best tourist attractions in the village of Szymbark and most of them who went inside went dizzy and seasick after a few moments.

  1. Keret House

Also from Poland, looks like this country is full of bizarre and cool houses eh, the Keret house was built for writers who undergoes a program. It was headlined last 2012 when it was first unveiled, probably because it’s only measuring around 5 feet at its widest point. It was built between two buildings which made them one. The first building was built before World War II and the second one was built after Polish War. The architect, named Jakub Szczesny, said that he fell in love with a space between two buildings created from different time periods, and thus, he decided to make a link.

  1. Villa Leopolda

Located in France and the reason a man lost $75 million, Villa Leopolda located in Villefranche-sur-Mer was built for King Leopold II of Belgium in 1902. The estate is huge, covering an area of 20 acres. Its garden would require around 50 full time gardeners. There are 1200 olive, orange, lemon and cypress trees. A Russian billionaire in the name of Mikhail Prokhorov intended to buy it when the owner Lily Safra decided to sell it. He deposited $75 million dollars but eventually backed out after the economic crisis of 2008. However, a court rule decided that he had to forfeit the deposit that he put down on the mansion.

  1. Barbie Malibu Mansion

Created as an honor for Barbie’s 50th birthday, Jonathan Adler created this real life 3,500 square feet mansion inspired by the famous doll’s home. The house’s interior looks entirely similar to what Barbie’s home looks like with closets filled with pink peep-toe heels and kitchen was stuffed with cupcake making ingredients. It’s no wonder your daughter, sister, female cousin or girlfriend would love to go here.

  1. Transformer House

Gary Chang, an architect based in Hong Kong created his very own house that looks like just a plain, simple studio. “Okay, so-so let’s get out of here”, you might say after entering here for the first time. But as soon as you discover how lazy this Gary Chang is, you would be very astounded. This house could actually morph into 24 different rooms, and he has managed to keep a full household within a small lot spacing around 32 square meters. “Instead of me moving from one room to the other, actually I don’t move – the home moves for me,” he says. Read more