Best Compact Pistol 2017

In 2017 we had an interesting variation of new designs of combat pistols and we are going to look at the ones which stood out.

The following is a list of the best combat pistol 2017:

1. Les- Baer Thunder Ranch(Special)

This second Generation Thunder Ranch contains the following enhancements:
– A standard thickness grip,
– Skillful thumb safety,
– Has a magazine capacity of seven rounds,
– 5.0 inches barrel length.
In addition, it has the following features,
– Lowered and flared ejection ports,
– Aluminum match trigger,
– Throated barrel,
– Enhanced comfort in carrying since it has rounded corners and edges.
RRP $ 2,530.

2. Ed-Brown Compact

– Stainless barrel,
– Match grade,
– Laminated wood grips,
– 4.25 inches barrel length,
– Weighs 37 ounces,
– Has an Officer’s Model grip-frame,
RRP $2,695-$2,795 depending on the finish.

3.Browning Black Label Medallion

This is the best tiny-looking Browing 1911. It has the following unique features
– Checkered rosewood grip panels,
– Eight rounds magazine capacity,
– Weighs 18 ounces,
– Has 4.25 inches barrel length,
– A composite aluminum frame.
RPP: $799.9

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4. Caracal Enhanced F

Named after a medium-sized African predatory cat. This best combat pistol has the following features:
– Has an integrated trigger safety,
– Its chamber is fully supported,
– QPQ-nitride coating,
– Has 18 rounds magazine capacity,
– 4.1 inches barrel length,
– Weighs 28 ounces.

5. Cimarron Bad Boy Flat-Top

This is a well-made gun in a classic taste. The Cimarron Bad Boy has the following features:
– Has a cylinder capacity of six rounds,
– Barrel length is either 6.0 or 8.0 inches the choice is yours,
– Octagon barrelled,
RPP: $570.70

6. Colt Cobra

This is a proper snub-nose with a 2.1-inch barrel.
– Six rounds cylinder capacity,
– 25 ounces weight,
– 2.1 inches barrel length,
– A stainless steel frame.
– Rubber grip with finger grooves.


From the above best combat pistol 2017, you will find the latest handguns with a number of unique features. This is a review of the latest handguns and their recommended retail price. Read more

Written by: bjahmwangi